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February 23, 2011
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The Sugar Glider Anemone by Jokers-Heartache The Sugar Glider Anemone by Jokers-Heartache
This is for :iconevolution-fanclub: 's contest found here [link] I still don't know if this is my entry....

Any idea's what could be done better is welcome....

Name: Anemone (No last name)

Birthday: November 21, 1989

height: 3'7''

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: She loves to eat fruits, her favorite "band" is Enya, getting complaiments, hunting, sneaking up on people, dim areas, cool weather, and science. She likes the 'strange' fashions

Dislikes: bright lit areas, bright colors.... anything bright, to much noise, people trying to sneak up on her, hot days, P.E.

"Evolution": Sugar Glider

Bio: Born in Singapore while her parents where on a trip she was kidnapped her parents spent the following 6 months searching for her without any clues they headed back to Australia she spent the next 10 years working under ground for the people that took her from her parents.
After working out of the sun a young handsome man came along and bought her from these people taking out to the middle of the sea on a ship to "work" for him making some kind of white powder she never questioned his word until one day she got very sick 5 years after being brought to this ship and was thrown over bored just off the cost of Denmark floating to shore she was found the next morning was found laying in the sand, her long platinum blonde laying on the sand stretched out around her head like the rays of the sun, when she woke she was in a small house on a bed warm under the blankets, she scurries out of the small room to find the person the rescued her from the sea an old woman sat in a little pink chair in the living room, weeks past and she learns that not the whole world is like how she grew up and people could be kind and gentle, in the following years Is taught how to read and write, how to look like a lady and be proud. after thye next 4 years pass the old woman that rescued her never wakes one morning, on this day she makes up her mind and heads out to find her real family.

On her 21st birthday she would discover her "Avolution" form when she figures out her family was all killed in a fire 6 years prior to her arrival in the small town in Australia, she had spent so many years fearing the sea she thinks for awhile and decideds to head out to America meaning she'd have to get on another ship her last voyage in the water, during the voyage a storm hits and she is thrown over board before hitting the water she grows the skin between her arms and legs catching the air she sores to safety back onto the ship as she lands by the window she sees her reflection in a window, large ears had formed on her head she could hear sounds she'd never been able to hear before like the sounds of the rats on board scurrying under the deck squeaking as they run, her eyes big and black, her face slightly longer then usual the smells that filled her nose so much stronger then before.

How she looks: She has large dark blue eyes, a light grey ever since she was a child, soft peach skin.

She lost her eye in a fight with a man that was trying to rape her when she was 16.

Note: I really want to color this but my scanner hates colored pencil and that's the only way i have of coloring so idk what to do.
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So is this your entry? or should I wait? I am about to extend the contest another week because my friend needs more time.
Oh I'll wait I didnt know you were doing that i think I'll draw another shot more full body like
ok! just note me when ur done!~
Will do I thought I was done but now that we have longer Ill try to get a better pic
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